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To all my friends and customers...

It has come to my attention that there are other shops out there trying to copy some of the modifications that I do, while that is truly a form of flattery I just want you all to be sure you are getting what you're  paying for and the end product performs like it is supposed to.

We all know there have been tons of postings about the RFX-75 not working and sounding bad but I have not had that problem here and since I was one of the first to start using and installing them on radios and have installed hundreds (yes hundreds) of them and had only 2 fail (both were SWR problems) some people are not installing them right.

I do not claim to be the best tech out there, but I can tell you that I give it 100% to make every radio I send out talk as it should and give my customers something to be proud of.

You have a choice when choosing a shop to do business with and all I ask is that you take a look at us before you buy, find a shop your comfortable with and if for some reason you have problems give me a call and I will do what I can to help you out.

Remember we were the first...

  • To make a Replacement Bluetooth Microphone for the Cobra 29 Bluetooth Radio

  • Install an RFX-75 on the Galaxy 99V

  • Retrofit a 2290 and a 2879 into a Galaxy 959, 99V, Ranger 3300 Radios.

  • Convert the Galaxy 959 to dual MOSFET

  • Convert a Galaxy 919, 929 to dual MOSFET

  • Change over a Galaxy 959 to Blue

  • Come up with a Receive Mod that works for several radios.

  • Install the RFX-75 into a Uniden BC 880

I may be a little slow but some would say it's worth the wait to get a radio that WILL talk and hear like it should..

Thanks again for all your support,

CB Repairman



Cobra 29 LX CB Radio with RFX 75

Price: $269.95 Add Cobra 29 LX  CB Radio with RFX 75 to Cart


Uniden BC 880 with RFX-75

Price: $269.95

Galaxy DX 44HP.jpeg

Galaxy DX-44HP with RFX-150

Price: $399.95 Add Galaxy DX-44HP with RFX-150 to Cart

Galaxy_99V2 (1).jpeg

Galaxy 99V 2 NEW!!

Price: $315.99 Add Galaxy 99V 2 NEW!! to Cart

Galaxy DX47HP Radio Picture.jpeg

Galaxy 47HP 10 Meter Radio

Price: $334.95 Add Galaxy 47HP 10 Meter Radio to Cart

Top Sellers

Cobra 29 LX LE Echo Knob
SKU:  29 LXLE Knob
Price: $6.50

Add Cobra 29 LX LE Echo Knob to Cart

Receive Upgrade
Price: $20.95

Add Receive Upgrade to Cart

Power Tune
Price: $30.00

Add Power Tune to Cart

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