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Description that the factory stuff is out of the way..lets just say...THESE MICROPHONES ARE GREAT!!!!! AND NOW WITH THE BLUETOOTH FUNCTION FOR THE COBRA 29 BT RADIOS!! We started carrying these in our shop and set up several microphone testing stations for customers to compare these microphones to the Turner RK-56 and Astatic 636-L. EVERYONE that tried these microphones bought them. Many came back and bought more. They are well built, with a better switch than the RK-56. The unique element produces 35% more audio gain than the RK-56 while still keeping background noise at a minimum. We are very impressed with these microphones and are proud to offer them for sale. SkyThumper Communications has a line of high quality CB Accessories devoted to the serious CB Hobbiest and Professional Driver. We will be offering more SkyThumper Products as they become available in the very near future. Check back often. The ST-65DX features a high quality, 6 wire Belden Cord that extends to 9 feet, high impact ABS plastic case with a coated steel grill, and a soft rubber lip guard. It is available prewired 4 Pin Cobra/Uniden/Galaxy/Connex as well as 5 Pin for Cobra/Uniden SSB, and 6 Pin for RCI-2950/2970. There is a 1 year limited warranty from SkyThumper Communications on this microphone. If you are considering a new Microphone give this a"ll be glad you did!


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by Smitty
on 9/21/2012
I must say i have bought this mic and paired it up with my Cobra 29 WX NW BT with rfx75, wilson2000, and mini 8 coax... it crushes the stock mic from Cobra and functions very the same as stock mic as advertised but with a better over all feel and access on top corner of the mic instead of the center of the mic as in the stock mic.. everyone i talk too says it sounds really loud and clear with hardly any backround noise if any at all. I also noticed due to the natural power mic ability of the ST-65DX that with the added power of the RFX75 if you set the Dynamike between 11-12 o'clock on the dial it seems to work best in getting out LOUD AND CLEAR!! But i tend to talk a little louder than most.. just dont use to much Mic gain or it will just sound loud and sistorded.. the mic itself will do much better by itself ... overall i love the mic and anyone who hears me agrees and asks what i use .. great work.. and ordering a new one to i think for my super hot rod 29 LX BT im having Doug do shortly...
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