Custom CB Radios offers a complete service center for most radios. 

In order for us to fully understand your repair needs, please fill out the Service Form located at the top of the menu. 

Please print the form and send it along with the radio and I will call you when the radio comes in and we can discuss your repair needs. 

Just so you know I will NOT chop up a radio...

{It's not about the money}

Example RCI 2950, I will NOT install an echo board in the channel slector spot. 

If the mod you want in my judgment will hurt the radio I may not do it. 

{Does me no good to do something that will cause your radio to blow up}

Somegtimes parts are a problem and it takes time to get them so please allow time for the repair and obtainning the necessary parts. 

We want your radio to preform as good as or better than new!!

Thank you for allowing Custom CB Radios to service your radio... 


Shiping Address:

Custom CB Radios

722 W. National Ave 

Brazil In. 47834