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Thank you for dropping by our site, we want you to be fully informed about your purchase and give you the REAL information so you can make an informed decision on what radio or equipment you may need. Also please be aware that stock on some products is limited and other shops may say things are in stock however they may tell you that it will be 2 months before they can ship your purchase when they don’t in fact have stock, they are just holding your money until they get the product in stock so don’t be fooled by this tactic. Lastly, upgrades… Understand that there are only so much you can do to a radio and some shops are charging absorbent amounts for these so-called mods, please don’t be fooled and spend your hard-earned money on these snake oil mods.

Custom CB Radios has been in business for over 25 years, and I personally have been working on radios since 1978. I have some of the best equipment for diagnosis of your radio and I have invested in start of the art soldering equipment to be able to handle the new surface mount radios that are becoming more prominent. In the end we want to be your home for all your radio needs and the most important thing is the we service what we sell. Let us show you the difference that Custom CB Radios can make for you, were here to help.

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