December 6, 2023

257XTREMEMIC – Magnum 257 Radio Echo Microphone


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The Xtreme Mic is a radio powered Echo microphone engineered for the Magnum 257 and 257HP radios by RF Limited. The echo volume and delay controls are integrated and positioned on the back of the microphone. If you want to increase your radios peak power and up your modulation upgrade to a Magnum 257 Echo Microphone. You get all the power you need for crystal clear communications in the palm of your hand with the Magnum 257 Echo Microphone. 6 pin plug for Magnum 257 radios. Also compatible with Uniden BC680, BC880, and BC980SSB CB radios.

It is important to note that while this microphone has a battery compartment, no battery is needed to use it with a 6 pin radio.

Product Features

  • Echo microphone for the Magnum 257 and 257HP radios.
  • Also compatible with Uniden BC680, BC880, and BC980SSB
  • Microphone is powered by the radio, does not require a battery.
  • Echo volume and delay controls.
  • 6 Pin plug

If we are out of stock on this item, you can use an adapter, the C4PDF6, and get a standard 4 pin mic like these: 636L Series or CA73 or KCBMIC.

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in


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