BC125AT – Uniden 500 Channel Handheld Scanner




BC125AT 500 Channel Analog Handheld Scanner with Alpha Tagging

  • 500 Alpha Tagged Channels
  • Close Call Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Civilian and Military Air bands
  • Service Search
  • Weather Alert
Memory Storage/Programming
  • 10 Channel Storage Banks – You can store up to 50 frequencies into each bank for a total of 500 frequencies so you can more easily identify calls.
  • PC Programming – you can download information into the scanner and control the scanner via your personal computer.
  • CTCSS and DCS Squelch Modes – rapid search for CTCSS/DCS tones/codes used during a transmission. You can identify up to 50 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS codes.
    Direct Access – lets you directly access any channel.
  • Text Tagging – you can name each channel, using up to 16 characters per name.
  • Memory Backup – keeps the frequencies stored in memory for an extended time if the scanner loses power.
  • Key Confirmation Tones – You can turn on/off a tone that sounds when you perform an operation correctly or if you make an error.
  • Key Lock – lets you lock the scanner’s keys to help prevent accidental changes to the scanner’s programming.

Close Call

  • Close Call RF Capture Technology – you can set the scanner so it detects and provides information about nearby radio transmissions
  • Close Call Do-Not-Disturb – checks for Close Call activity in between channel reception so active channels are not interrupted.
  • Close Call Temporary Store – temporarily stores and scans the last 10 Close Call hits in the ‘Close Call Hits’ system.

Lock-Out Functions

  • Lock-Out Function – lets you set your scanner to skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching.
  • Temporary Lockout – makes it easy to temporarily lock out any channel or frequency. The lockout is cleared when you turn power off, then back on so you don € ™t have to remember to unlock the channels later.

Priority Functions

  • Priority Scan with Do Not Disturb – lets you program one channel in each bank (10 in all) and then have the scanner check each channel every 2 seconds while it scans the banks so you don € ™t miss transmissions on those channels. Do-Not Disturb keeps the scanner from interrupting transmissions during receiving.
  • Priority Plus Scan – you can set the scanner so it scans only the priority channels.


  • Display Backlight – You can turn on/off the LCD backlight, set it operate on squelch only, keypress only, or both.
  • Signal Strength Meter – shows the signal strength for more powerful transmissions.


  • Flexible Antenna with BNC Connector – provides adequate reception in strong signal areas and is designed to help prevent antenna breakage. Or, you can connect an external antenna for better reception.
  • Triple-Conversion Circuitry – virtually eliminates any interference from IF (intermediate frequency) images, so you hear only the selected frequency.

Service Banks/Searches

  • Service Banks – frequencies are preset in 10 separate Police, Fire/Emergency, Ham, Marine, Railroad, Civil Air, Military Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS/MURS, and Racing banks to make it easy to locate specific types of calls and search any or all of these banks.
  • Custom Search – lets you program up to 10 Custom Search Ranges and search any or all of these ranges.
  • Quick Search – allows you to enter a frequency and start searching up or down from that frequency.
  • Turbo Search – increases the search speed from 100 to 300 steps per second automatically for bands with 5 kHz steps.
  • Search Lockouts – you can lock up to 200 search frequencies: 100 temporary frequencies and 100 permanent frequencies in Custom Search, Service Search, Close Call Search, or Quick Search Modes.
  • Scan/Search Delay/Resume – controls whether the scanner pauses at the end of the transmission to wait for a reply. You can set the Delay time for each Channel, Close Call Search, Custom Search, and Service search. You can also set a negative delay where the scanner stops on transmissions for a set time then automatically resumes.


  • Weather Alert Priority – the scanner scans active WX channels every 5 seconds to check for the presence of a 1050 Hz Weather Alert Tone.
  • Weather Alert Standby – the scanner allows you to monitor for weather alerts broadcast on NOAA channels.


  • Two Power Options – let you power the scanner using the included two AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries or the supplied USB cable.
  • Battery Save – works when there is no transmission for 1 minute in Scan Hold Mode and any Search Hold Mode (without Priority Scan). This feature turns off RF power for 1 second and turns on it for 300ms to extend the battery life.
  • Battery Low Alert – the icon will blink in the display and a tone warns you every 15 seconds when the battery power gets
  • Built-In Charger – allows you to charge Ni-MH batteries in the scanner using a USB port on any computer and the supplied USB cable.

Frequency Coverage:
25-54 MHz
108-174 MHz
225-380 MHz
400-512 MHz

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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