ER310 – Midland Solar Crank Am/FM Radio




ER310 – Midland ER310 Solar Crank AM/FM Radio. Featuring NOAA Weather alert this emergency radio is ideal for emergency preparedness, outdoor activities, and everyday life!


  • Crank Powered / Solar Powered / Battery powered
  • LED Flashlight With Strobe – With SOS Beacon – Extremely Bright 130 Lumens – Activates Morse Code For Emergency Assistance
  • NOAA Weather Alert –  Vital Information Anywhere, Anytime!
  • USB Port – Charges Cell Phones, Tablets and more!
  • Battery Lasts Up To 32 Hours – Extra long battery life 2600 mAh Li-ion (included)
  • Ultrasonic Dog Wistle – May Assist Search And Resue Teams During An Emergency!
  • Am/FM Radio Stations
  • Telescoping antenna
  • Large LCD Display With Clock
  • Headphone Jack
  • Emergency Alerts – Tornados, Floods, Thunderstorms, Fires, Earthquakes, And More!
  • One Hour Weather Alert Memory

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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