Galaxy DX 929 Custom CB Radio Blue & Turbo Echo!




Galaxy 919 40 Channel CB Radio NEW!!
This is one GREAT Custom Radio..

Well I will bet you a Steak Dinner you won’t find a radio like this on e-bay…
I took a NEW 919 and gave it a complete make over…
I  Installed a “Vortex” Turbo Echo Board
This board has a Modulation Amp built in for a added boost in Modulation. With this I installed it in the front of the radio where the dimmer control was. This is not a job for the faint of hart as it requires a lot on modifications to make it fit, but it looks like a factory job.. (Dimmer control is inside the radio and is still adjustable)
This radio is now a  Dual MOSFET Radio!! You won’t find that anywhere there is no instructions on it on the net or anywhere but I have done it!!
The radio has a swing kit for full legal power at a 2 watt dead key
I upgraded the Receive and Aligned the Radio
The reason I decided to do this radio is that a lot of people love the Big Galaxy Meter and this is a radio that can compete with the best of them with the mods that I have done.
The Cobra Black Chrome Radios that I do are Great and This radio is just as good and has the “Big Meter” too!!
The Radio is the same size as the Cobra 29 so it will fit almost anywhere…
If you want a Great Radio that has the audio of Dual MOSFET’s with Vortex Echo then this is the radio for you!!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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