Galaxy DX-979 AM/SSB Mobile CB Radio


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The Galaxy 979 is a Small Footprint Radio that has most of the features of the Galaxy 959. This radio can be made to talk and with the Dual MOSFET Upgrade it will do about 60 watts!! Features: BLUE Channel display BLUE meter light Starlite Faceplate New Smaller Chassis 7.25″W x 2.25H Front panel mic Jack Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales: “S” Meter indicates up to 60 dB over S9 Modulation Percentage Scale Power Scale SWR Scale Automatic SWR Circuit (no complicated calibration procedure) “Talkback” Circuit with Volume Control Variable Power Output Control Two Year Warranty as explained below: Additional Features: Pre-wired for FC 347 Frequency Counter Noise Blanker and Automatic Noise Limiter LED Indicator for RX/TX LED Channel Indicator Dimmer Control Receive Gain Control Mic Gain Control

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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