Galaxy DX66 V2


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Galaxy DX-66V2 10 Meter Radio.. The new Galaxy Dx-66v2 is a simplified version of the Dx66v in a “Cobra 29/Galaxy Dx929″ size chassis. The galaxy Dx66v2 also features a front 4 pin mic jack, AM, Backlit Starlite Faceplate and dual control echo with talk-back on/off switch. It has the same power as previous Galaxy High Power(HP) models. *Compact Chassis (Only 7.25” Wide) *Large SWR/RF Meter *5 Digit Frequency Counter (Blue SMT LED) *AM, PA (No FM) *Dual Echo Control *Talk-Back On/Off Switch *Backlit Faceplate *Dual MOSFET Output (around 40w tuned) *Front Mic *Automatic SWR Check (Does not set SWR) *Same Power As The larger Dx66v

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