Galaxy DX98VHP 10 Meter Radio


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Introducing the New Galaxy DX98VHP 10 Meter Amateur Radio. This is very similar to the DX95T but it has 8 MOSFET finals for 30% more power and Blue LED’s with “Star Light” backlit blue writing. The New Galaxy DX98VHP radios have dual echo, voice changer, variable talk back, variable power and side mic jack. If you badest Galaxy Radio, you have to have the Galaxy DX98VHP!

  • 200 watt maximum power output from eight IRF520 MOSFETs – (50 watts more than the DX 95T 2 )
  • New power cord using an “SY” type quick disconnect, 8 gauge wire and an AGU gold plated 50 amp fuse
  • New larger bottom heatsink with two internal fans (Radio weighs eight pounds)
  • Blue LEDs for frequency and channel readouts
  • Blue meter lamp lights our signature large meter

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 14 × 4 in

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