MCKINLEY-T – President Deluxe AM/SSB CB Radio (Peaked & Tuned)




Peaked & Tuned by CB World’s Expert Technicians:  Peaked and Tuned


This 40 channel deluxe 12-24 volt din size (6.69″ (W) x 5.91″ (D) x 2.05″ (H)) AM/SSB CB radio with selectable (orange, green or blue) back-lit 3-color front panel & 7 weather channels with alert is sure to impress you.

Features manual and auto squelch, multi-function LCD display, RF/Mic gain, VOX hands free, scan, emergency channels, Dual Watch, Dim, ANL/NB & Hi-cut filters, channel & memory scans, 3 memory channels, Roger Beep, Key Beep, instant Channel 9/19, Talk-back, built-in SWR circuit (automatic SWR-beep sound), digital S-meter, front mount microphone, front panel loudspeaker, rear external speaker & PA jacks. Powered with a 12 volt or 24 volt battery.

Power cord has a 6 amp 250 volt fuse.

Potential Rebate Available – See our CB World Rebate Page


Supply : 13.8 V / 27.6 V
Number of channels : 40 Cx (100% FCC)
AM : X
Channel selector : rotary
Number of weather channels : 7 Cx
Weather alert : X
Volume : Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
RF Power : X
Squelch : Manual squelch
Display : LCD multifonction
Frequencies display : X
S-meter : Digital
Public address : X
Talkback : X
Vox : X
Tone : X
Filter ANL : X
Filter NB : X
Filter HI-CUT : X
RF-Gain : X
Mike-Gain : X
Clarifier : X
Scan : X
Memorie(s) : 3
Dimmer : X
F / Menu function key : X
Beep Function : X
Roger beep : X
Dual watch : X
Key locking : X
SWR (Power Reading /SWR) : X
Preset channel : 9 / 19
Front loudspeaker : X
microphone plug : front (6 pins)
External Vox microphone jack : X
External loudspeaker jack : X
Size (W x D x H) : 6.69 (W) x 5.91 (D) x 2.05 (H) inches / 170 x 150 x 52 mm
DIN Size : X
Weight : 2.20 lbs / 1 kg

Here are instructions to tune your antenna using the McKinley radio:

ADJUSTMENT OF SWR (Standing wave ratio) 

WARNING: This must be carried out when you use your CB radio for the first time (and whenever you re-position your antenna). The adjustment must be carried out in an obstacle-free area. In CB mode only. **There is no dot between the 2 digits of SWR value, for example 25 means 2.5. NEW, EASY AND VERY HANDY- Adjustment of SWR meter by beep tones. Here is a link for the MCKINLEY owner’s manual.

Push the CH knob (6) six times to enter the SWR function.

Display shows a message with active channel and SWR during 2 seconds, for example {CH40 SWR}.

The radio goes to TX mode automatically without pressing PTT key (13) and starts SWR measurement. Measurement time is 5 minutes maximum. The remaining time is displayed on sub indicator.

Adjust your antenna.

Tone beep* is continuous when SWR value is equal to 10** (SWR=1.0). The space between two beeps became longer when SWR value moves away from 10** (SWR=1.0).

Volume Beep is adjustable with VOL knob (1).

Display shows the SWR value. For example 25** (SWR=2.5).

When adjusted, press the CH knob (6) to activate the next function (TONE).

Press PTT switch (13) to exit FUNCTIONS mode. *Please check that the beep volume is set to a comfortable listening level.

Looking for replacement parts?

  • Microphone
  • Side Knobs

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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