Palomar SL41 Noise Canceling Mic

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Palomar SL41 Noise Canceling Mic

**New Nov 2016: The Palomar SL41 is an excellent noise canceling microphone for Cb radios,  10 meter radios and other uses. The Palomar SL41 combines modern engineering andtechnology with a time-tested design to provide the professional driver with the ultimate noise cancelling microphone. Palomars customized microphone element provides unmatched noise cancelling capability without sacrificing true-to-life sound quality.

This is made by the original Palomar company from the 1960’s and 1970’s. More new Palomar products are expected.

* Classic Rugged Design
* Heavy-Duty, Impact Proof Case – Quality You Can Feel
* Active Circuit Noise Cancelling Microphone
* 6 Conductor, Dual Shielded Custom Cable
* 6″ Coiled Cable Section – Stretches to 9+ Feet
* Year Battery Life from Single AAA Battery (included)
* Industrial Grade Push-to-Talk Switch
* Dual Mount – Machined Aluminum
 Button + Hanger
* Wired for 4-Pin CB Radios

Build Quality Feature Palomar SL41 Astatic 636L RoadKing RK56 Ranger SRA-198
Case Wall Thickness 0.165” 0.115” 0.105” 0.090”
Mic Hanging Button Aluminum Plastic Metal Metal
Mic Hanger Aluminum None None Metal
Internal Strain Relief Metal Metal Plastic Plastic
External Strain Relief Metal Spring Metal Spring Plastic Metal Spring
PTT Switch Standard Large Standard Large Standard Large Small
Circuit Board Material FR4 (fiberglass) None FR-2 (paper) None
Mic Cord Conductors 7 (5 + 2 shields) 6 (5 + 1 shield) 6 (5 + 1 shield) 4 (3 + 1 shield)
Mic Cord Finish Matte Gloss Matte Gloss
Weight 9.5oz 7.4oz 7.6oz 9.9oz (7.5oz without metal weights)


Palomar SL41 Technology & Design

True Noise Cancelling Technology

The Palomar SL41 uses a custom-made noise cancelling electret condenser microphone (ECM) element.

Noise cancelling ECM’s are ported, or open, on both the front and back sides of the element. Unwanted background noise enters the front and back ports and hits the mic diaphragm at the same time thereby cancelling itself out. The user’s voice is both stronger and closer to the front of the ECM, and enters the front ports and hits the mic diaphragm before the voice sound waves can reach the back ports of the microphone element. This is the same noise cancelling technology used by the military for use in helicopters and other extreme noise environments.

Why Not Dynamic?

The simple answer is audio quality. Dynamic microphone elements do not have the sensitivity or gain that a ECM element has. More sensitivity and gain makes an ECM sound better and louder over a dynamic element. Since the SL41 has more gain and output than a dynamic microphone means you no longer need to run your radio’s mic gain control wide open to be heard. The extra gain from the SL41 allows you to turn down your radio’s mic gain and still be louder than a dynamic microphone with the radio mic gain at full.

Super Long Life Battery.

ECM’s require a small amount of voltage to work and therefore the SL41 does have a single AAA battery inside. The SL41’s circuit focuses on maximizing the battery life. Under normal operating conditions, a single AAA battery will power the SL41 for 2 years! When it does finally come time to install a new battery, this is as easy as removing 3 screws.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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