Replacment Blue LED Kit



Well this is a super nice kit.. If you want to change the LED’s in your Radio but don’t quite know how to get the job done this is the kit for you. It comes with everything you need, full instructions and the LED Ckt. Board even the Blue Lens.. It also comes with a new Blue/ Red LED for the TX/RX Light. One of the best things is you can dim this kit so you don’t have the problem with the super bright Blue LED’s.. It doesn’t get any better than this. Check out the Pictures and you will see that this is the best deal for change out of you old LED’s. This kit is designed for most Galaxy and Ranger Radios. It will not work on the small LED’s that are in the 6900 RCI Radios and it will not work on some of the newer Galaxy Radios. If the radio does not talk the standard LED it will not work. It will work on the following radios… All older Galaxy’s 99V , 88HML, 33, 44, 66, 55, 77. General Lee, Connex 3300HP, Connex 4400, Older Northstar radios.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in

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